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Adcock Ingram

No job is too big or too difficult, we feel like you are part of our team
Commercial Head

Adcock Ingram

Time is money …why should I focus on the smaller (very time consuming) things when we have experts out there that can do it?
HFD gives me more time to focus on what matters
Commercial Head


Premier FMCG

The HFactor team are an absolute pleasure to work with and are loads of fun too. Helene and Jackie are always available, be it on email, via phone or in person and are professional, creative and deliver on time.

My team has used them for a variety of presentations – product launches, business strategies, brand campaigns, business reviews and many more. They adapt the style of the presentation to suit the audience whilst still retaining the corporate and brand identity.
Group Strategy & Marketing Executive, Premier FMCG


The HFactor team deliver consistent high quality work that always gives my presentations the edge they need to standout and excite an audience.
Account Director


Wonderful creativity and excellent customer service with a good understanding of deadlines and budget pressures.
Chief Scientific Officer & Medical Director


Thank you HFD team for producing such impressive and professional presentations for the brand team. You’ve enabled us to show off our work with great pride.

It been so easy to work with you despite of the challenge of us being based in the UK and often working to very tight deadlines.
Global HPC Marketing Executive

Thornleys AV

Unbelievable turn-around times and such attention to detail! Great Team to work with.

Kaelo Xelus

They have saved us time and money – in fact I would already be completely bald if it were not for HFD!


GamePlan Advertising

Turning a boring presentation into a creative value add is what HFD do very well.
You have saved us time and upped our service offering to clients.
You have saved us money as it would take us too long to create the same service and quality presentation.
We keep using you because you are PPT champions!